Sound Masking Solutions


    What exactly is sound masking and how does it work?

    Sound masking systems are used in office environments to increase speech privacy and reduce audible distractions. These systems are designed to produce low-level background noise with a particular spectrum that is not disturbing or irritating to workers. This sound mask is, nevertheless, loud enough to effectively blur conversations and reduce distracting noises.

    A properly installed sound masking system can increase speech privacy between workers and reduce audible distractions therefore providing a better working environment with increased productivity.  With the new green buildings in places, new acoustical challenges are introduced.

    We offer basic noise masking system for a general use and real-time adaptive adjustment masking systems that adjust the the level based on the ambient noise present in the room. The intelligent masking system, can adapt and adjust the masking levels automatically based on the mic sensors that are installed in the ceiling.

    Where ever unwanted sounds isn't absorbed or contained to the needs of the users, masking should be considered. This could include:


    Open-office environments

    Executive Suites/Board Rooms

    The Audio Visual group is well experience with masking system, installation of the systems and best practices for their applications. We select the best solution based on our clients need.

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