• Video Conferencing System Overview

    Deciding on a video conferencing system can be an expensive and sometime confusing task. Listed below are some guide line questions you should ask yourself which will help narrow your decision.
    1. How many people will participate at each site during a video conference?
    2. Is it important to share PC-based information (ie: PowerPoint presentation) during a video call?
    3. Do you have a need to call to multiple sites at one time (This is referred to as a multipoint call.)
    4. Will you be conducting calls with clients or partners outside of your organization?
    5. If known, what type of network would you like to operate over? Or, if you already have a network in place; how much bandwidth is available for video conferencing? (High definition video calls require at least 1MBPS of bandwidth.)
    6. What types of meetings you will hold? (Executive, sales, engineering, etc.?)
    7. Do I need an appliance or multi purpose PC-based video conferencing system?
    8. Is T.120 data sharing sufficient or do I need a web collaboration solution?
    9. Do I need to buy a Multi Point Control Unit (MCU) or should I utilize an outside service?
    10. When should I opt for a hardware MCU against a software MCU?
    11. Should I use digital telephone lines (ISDN) or can I use my IP network?
    12. If I am using my own IP network what do I need to know about in terms of Quality of Service (QoS)?
    13. With all of the gatekeepers out there which one is right for my IP network?
    14. Can I combine the Gatekeeper with a Gateway to connect other sites at ISDN?
    15. Is IP Quality of Service (QoS) sufficient or do I need a dedicated Class of Service (CoS) for video?
    16. Do I have to do all of this myself or can IVCi provide a whole turnkey IP solution that includes not only the network, but also value added services such as scheduling and automatic call launching?


    Average Cost of owning a System


    Once you have answered these basic questions, you should be able to determine the best system from the table below:





    Desktop* Webcam with software codec, operates on a PC. IP network only. Split (codec + camera). $100 - $300
    Set-top appliance**

    Integrated system with camera and codec that sits on top or side of display

    Small to mid-size conference room with up to ten participants.

    $5,000 - $10,000
    Integrator's codec**

    System comes in separate components for integration into to a high-end conference room.

    High-end multi-media presentation room used for audio/video conferencing and local presentations. Supports high-definition video (HD).

    $10,000 - $25,000
    *Most of these systems do not include a monitor or display device. Options include a TV monitor, XGA monitor, plasma, LCD display, or a projection system.

    **Includes video conferencing codec only. Actual room will vary depending on level of integration.

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